About us

We believe everyone deserves to see their results on the walls, every day, and be inspired

It’s our mission to make your business visible and your digital marketing intelligible. That’s why we design reporting dashboards that unleash the power of Google’s data visualisation platform, Data Studio, for every client we work with – and why we’ve started sharing them with the world.

Two out of three marketers state data-based decisions to be more effective than gut instincts.

How We Got Here

We started out as a boutique digital marketing agency specialising in tech. Naturally, as our client base grew and we expanded our services, we were flooded with data.

Data overload is a challenge a lot of digital marketers face. We generate so much information, on so many platforms, that it gets harder and harder to gain a 360° view.

When we discovered Data Studio, we started creating dashboards to bring our clients’ data to life and to streamline our reporting. We found we could work more intuitively in Data Studio than in Tableau or Power BI because of its simple integrations with the most common marketing platforms. What’s more, it’s completely free.

Bringing data together leads to better decisions and better decisions lead to a better world.

Today, we’re on a mission to share our Data Studio templates with the world. We’re also enlisting our community of marketers, analysts, and template designers to help us. We still use Data Studio with our agency clients. But our offering has expanded to sharing the clarity of data that sets us apart as an agency with anyone who needs it. The templates on our store are all white label, plug-and-play dashboards that bring your data to life in an instant.

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