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Google Data Studio Website Performance Dashboard Examples: Top 5 Templates

If you can think it, you can build it in Google Data Studio. The data visualisation platform has advanced so much that it’s competing with the most established players in the market.

But if you just want to get off the ground quickly with automating your digital marketing reporting, you don’t want to start from scratch. And the first place to start piping data in from, is your website.

In this post, we share 5 top templates for reporting on your website’s performance.

Website Performance

A key reason we use Google Data Studio is its native integration with Google Analytics, which we use religiously for our clients. The thing is, Analytics isn’t built to be client-facing. Data Studio allows us to filter our Google Analytics (and other platform) data to give our clients a clear view of key metrics, in an easy-to-understand format.

1. Startpress Google Marketing Website Performance Dashboard

Google Data Studio Template For Google Analytics Search Console Google Ads Dashboard Image 7
Startpress Google Marketing Website Dashboard

We built this dashboard template that combines data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to give clients a complete picture of how their website is doing over time. It shows key audience, engagement, and acquisition metrics clearly, with one or two simple charts per screen and it’s built to fit a standard 16:9 LCD TV or a computer screen. There are 11 pages in the dashboard, and we encourage in-house website teams to display it in slideshow mode on a screen on their office wall so they always have the latest data available.

Where Analytics is useful for analysts, but for marketers, managers, and directors it’s overload, the Startpress Marketing website dashboard keeps focus only on the metrics that drive performance.

2. Supermetrics HubSpot Content Marketing Performance Dashboard

Supermetrics HubSpot content marketing performance template

Running an inbound website in HubSpot? This template from Supermetrics will help you cut through the noise to see how your blog posts are driving opportunities and customers. Why not use Data Studio to schedule automated reports into your content writer’s inbox so they know how which posts are paying off? You can filter by blog if you have more than one, and you also get a running count of key stats like subscribers and published posts.

3. Google Analytics Audiences, Acquisition and Behavior Reports

Analytics Audiences Report by Reflective Data

This template from Silver Ringvee at Reflective Data turns the data found in Google Analytics audiences reports into a live and interactive dashboard. It’s a great example of how data from a single source can be refined into detailed but easy-to-understand automated reports that can be delivered easily and frequently to stakeholders.

4. ARO Website Digital Marketing Reporting Template

ARO Website Digital Marketing Reporting Template

Google Data Studio is at its best when it’s bringing together data streams from different sources. This template from Aro Digital brings Search Console and Analytics data together to give you a 360 degree view of your website activity and key data fields.

5. Supermetrics Bing Webmaster Tools Reporting Template

Supermetrics Bing Webmaster Tools Reporting Template

Supermetrics’ Bing Webmaster Tools template gives you an overview of your website stats from a perspective that’s often overlooked. Bing can be an incredibly important search engine for B2B businesses looking to target a more corporate demographic (who often have Bing installed as default on company workstations). The template gives you the key stats you get in Webmaster Tools, ready to connect and automate in a click.

Wrapping up

Data Studio is a powerful tool for data exploration and visualization. These templates should get your started with automating your website reporting.

Visit our Data Studio template library to get started with Google Data Studio today.

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