If you can’t see the  icon to make a copy of your premium or free Data Studio report, there could be a few reasons why.

1. You have clicked on “Preview” instead of “Copy” on the free template’s page

2. You have clicked on “Preview” on the premium product page instead of clicking on the “Copy the template” link in your Startpress account (or in the order email)

3. If you are viewing the template but can’t see the top menu bar with the  icon, you may need to hover your mouse at the top of the page to make the menu bar appear

You can only access data from other Google tools to display in a Data Studio dashboard that is connected to the Google account you are using on the platform.

This means that if you copy a Data Studio template into a Data Studio account attached to one Google user but you want to display data in it from another user account, you will need to take action to rectify the situation on the Data Studio platform.

You can do this either by signing out of the account you are using for Data Studio and copying the Data Studio template when logged into the Google account you use for your data (your Analytics, Search Console, or Ads account), or you can provide admin rights within the individual Google platforms with data you want to access to the account you are using for your Data Studio template.

If you’ve purchased a premium Data Studio template, you will have lifetime access to the template link via your Startpress site account so if you’ve copied it to the wrong account, don’t worry, you can always copy it again into another you have access to.