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Search Console SEO Dashboard for Data Studio Template 1

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Search Console SEO Dashboard

 Google Search Console

Search Console SEO Dashboard

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Our SEO dashboard for Google Search Console Data Studio template gives you a clear overview of your organic performance.

Required Connectors

 Google Search Console


Visualise your SEO (search engine optimisation) results from Search Console live on your office TV or desktop computer.

Let users interact with your data, filtering by date range and country, or simply leave it in slideshow mode so you always have the clearest top-level insights accessible in an instant.

Monitor impressions against clicks, track average ranking and organic traffic, see what keywords are performing and how they’ve improved. Spot weak areas for your team to work on an visualise their successes.

Understand your Google search performance:

  • Impressions, clicks, and CTR over time
  • Top keywords by average position and clicks
  • Overall website average ranking and changes
  • Ranking fluctuations compared with site clicks over time
  • Property, country, and device reporting filters
  • Country search heat map and device performance


This premium SEO dashboard template comes with all the native power of Google Data Studio, and it’s completely plug-and-play. Add your logo and start interacting with your data. Export views for client presentations or set up recurring reports to deliver copies straight into your colleagues’ inboxes every week or every month.

Stop creating reports in excel. Just pipe your data into this SEO dashboard and get visualising. With Data Studio’s slideshow mode, display your data on the office TV or desktop screen for everyone to see. Cycle through pages so you’re always getting an update with the freshest data so the insights are at your fingertips.

Data Studio is the future of reporting, and what’s more, it’s absolutely free to use. This premium template unlocks the full potential of Data Studio to explore and visualise your Google Search Console data.

Get the Startpress Search Console SEO Dashboard, today.

Copy it to your Google account, connect your data, and get started!


When you click on the “copy” link for any of the free templates listed on our site, you will be directed to the template on Data Studio, which you can then copy into your own account.

Before clicking the “copy” link on the page for a free template on our site, make sure you are logged into the Google/DataStudio account you want to copy the template into for editing or use.

After clicking the link, you will be taken to the live template in on the Google Data Studio platform.

Click the  icon in the top right-hand corner of the window to make a copy of the template into your DataStudio account.

Once you’ve copied the template into your account, use the dropdown selectors to choose Google data sources to display in the report, or get editing to tailor the report to your own specifications.